Best Book for SSC CGL
The first and foremost task for aspirants preparing for SSC CGL is to look after the books available in the market to aid their preparation. The books that a person selects will play a very important part in one's preparation, as now a days, authors of these books are targetting specific exams. So students need to be very specific while buying a book. As there are many SSC CGL preparation books available in the market, however, in this blog we have selected  the Best Books for SSC CGL preparation. 
Syllabus of SSC CGL:-
SSC CGL Tier 1 and Tier 2 exams are completely based on online mode, involving different subjects. On the other hand, Tier 3 is a descriptive paper that is supposed to be answered in Hindi or English language
To start with, SSC CGL Tier I comprises of the following 4 subjects:
  • General Awareness
  • Reasoning
  • Quantitative Aptitude
  • English Language
Best English book for SSC CGL:-
Plinth to Paramount by Neetu Singh :- This book has been published by KD Campus. This book is very good if you are looking for clarification of various grammar rules and their applications in the actual context. This book is necessary for Tier II English in SSC CGL and the mains exam in other cases. 
  • Good for clarification of various grammar rule
  • Good foe both Tier-1 and Tier-2
  • You can practice lots of question through this book
Objective General English by S.P. Bakshi: Objective General English has been divided into four main sections. Section A is a Foundation Module that apprises one about the essential syntax of the language, section B is for improving the verbal ability and the last two sections deal with Practical Grammar and its applications under different conditions. 
  • The book covers all important topics and every chapter also has self-explanatory examples about usage of the language.
  • The author has also included practice papers, revision exercises and a workbook for making a self-assessment as one moves from topic to topic. 
  • The book also has sections on topics like Sentence Formation, Basic Grammar, Tenses, Phrases, Punctuation and Synonyms/Antonyms. 
  • All chapters have examples to make it easier for the reader
  • The book is written in a very simplified language. It is easy to understand for the candidates
High School English Grammar & Composition by Wren & Martin: This is a very useful book for the grammar and vocabulary questions. Wren & Martin has always been a top-notch book in Grammar.
  • Schools or entrance exams, this book always comes to your rescue. Vocabulary is also good in this book, and you should learn it every day.
  • Rules of grammar are given in a very methodical format, go through it while solving questions. Wren and Martin teach you the basics of the language.
  • It has books for every level. Try and learn the ground rules first and then go for advanced levels.
How to Prepare for Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension – By Arun Sharma
  • The book provides theory first and then also gives a lot of illustrations and examples with explanations
  • There are so many exercises inserted in the book for practice
  • All difficulty level practices are there
  • Good quality of Reading Comprehension


SSC CGL Best Books For General Awareness


Lucent's General Knowledge by Dr Binary Karn: There is no substitute to Lucent's General Knowledge. This is a must book for someone who is preparing for SSC Exams. Just read this book and revise it repeatedly and you can score wonderful marks in the exam, no doubt. This is one of the best books for the general knowledge section where everything is explained in a simple language. It provides all the basic information about history, geography, economy, science and Indian polity.
  • History, geography, economy, science and Indian politics are the subjects covered in this book.
  • It is one of the most recommended books by experts and teachers.
  • It will make sure that you know the events right from the start.
  • Revise the book again and again
  • Understanding politics becomes easy with this book as it teaches of hierarchies and positions of different ministries. It will clear all your doubts.
General Knowledge by Arihant Publications: Aspirants will find all the statistical data and facts in this book that are helpful to answer the questions easily.
    • Statistical data and everyday facts are mentioned in the book.
    • This will help in solving your questions more effectively and easily.  General knowledge is best acclaimed by daily reading.
    • But if you have not read from the very start, then this book comes to your rescue.
    • It will enlarge your brain and prepare effectively for your exam.
    Newspapers: Indian Express, Times of India and The Hindu
    • Certainly, reading newspapers every day can help crack the GK section very easily
    • Furthermore, this practice will help upgrade the candidate about the recent most news. Therefore, there is high possibility GK questions are mostly about the current issues

    SSC CGL Best Books For Maths


    SSC Elementary and Advanced Mathematics by Kiran Prakashan: It is specially designed for the SSC CGL Exam. The book provides all the information about elementary mathematics. It would be very helpful for someone who is preparing for SSC Exams.
    • The major advantage of this book is that it is specially written for candidates who are giving SSC CGL exam. You’ll have everything- from basics to advanced level of statistics and maths.
    • Solve the questions which are given at the back of every chapter.
    • This will make sure you practice every day. Learn your basics first, memorize the formulas and you are good to go.
    Arihant Publications – Fast Track Objective Arithmetic
    • This book has all the important factors which are required to master various topics. For example, Arithmetic by Level Graded Exercises etc
    • Moreover, the book covers the syllabus of almost all competitive examinations. For example RBI, SBI, IBPS PO, SSC, LIC, CDS, UPSC etc.
    • Furthermore, the book is perfect if the candidate is looking for short-cut tricks or wants to clear basic concepts
    Fast Track Objective Arithmetic by Rajesh Varma: Candidates will find many shortcuts and tips in this book. One can also access many practise papers.
    • Time is the most important aspect while giving exams.
    • This book will exactly help you to do that. It has various shortcuts to many concepts.
    • At the end of the book, they have also given practice papers.
    • Practice papers are important to solve as you’ll know how much you have understood.
    Quantitative Aptitude for CAT by Arun Sharma :- The book explains all the maths topics in a very simplistic way so that everybody can understand the topics.
    • Basically, the book contains more than 5500 questions along with their answers.
    • All the chapters in the book start with the theory which is easily understandable. Moreover, the queries to every chapter are also given. This way candidates can understand the chapter and revise it at the same time

    Quantitative Aptitude by Dr. R. S. Aggarwal:- This is the best book for clarity over the basic concepts and provides all the shortcuts to solve the questions in less than a minute.

    • This is chosen by most of the candidates because it solves your concepts by teaching the basics of it.
    • It also has tips and tricks to solve the question of every concept.
    Quantum CAT by Sarvesh Verma: This book is a complete package for SSC exam considering the tier II exam as well in SSC CGL as well as other recruitments. You need to have good understanding of concepts in order to score well in SSC since only mugging up formulae will not do much.
    • This book is very good but the volume of the book is too much and sometimes, questions are difficult from the SSC Point of view given that this book is meant for CAT aspirants.
    • However, ignore that and go ahead with this book if you want to take ITI or Excise Inspector, MEA etc in SSC CGL.
    SSC CGL Best Books For Reasoning

    Modern Approach to Verbal & Non-Verbal Reasoning by Dr R.S. Aggarwal: This is the best book for the reasoning section. It clearly explains concepts and provides hundreds of practice questions. The most sought after book in the SSC segment for reasoning.
    • The book is tailor made for general intelligence section 
    • You get plenty of questions for practice in each chapter but one note of caution is that do not go for the difficult questions at the end of a chapter since they are mostly out of context considering the SSC standard.

    Analytical Reasoning by M.K. Pandey: It provides a lot of practice questions based on the non-verbal reasoning section besides concepts. This book deals with all the topics that are asked in the General Intelligence section of SSC Examinations. You will get plenty of practice as well if you are following this book. It is a profitable purchase for all the SSC aspirants though the concepts are in some cases not clarified properly.
    • Most importantly, the major concentration of this book is on common and easy topics of the subject of logic and reasoning.
    • Also, it also involves debates on argument-based queries
    • Besides that, it gives the students with all the important skill and trick set to resolve the logical and analytical reasoning questions in competitive exams fast and accurately.

    Quantitative Aptitude by Dr R. S. Aggarwal:
    • Apart from the above-suggested books, aspirants must also refer to the online sources for the current affairs and trending issues. One should also read the monthly magazines for the current affairs. The above books are focused only on the concepts, shortcuts and preparations techniques, one should also consider books related to previous' year question papers and practice papers.

    • The book, certainly, contains more than 5500 questions. The answers are also provided.
    • First of all, all the chapters in the book start with a theory which is easily understandable. Moreover, the queries to every chapter are also given. So, this way candidates can understand the chapter and revise it at the same time
    Modern Approach to Verbal & Non-Verbal Reasoning by R.S Aggarwal
    • First of all, the book mentors the readers through faster, shorter, easier and intelligent pathways to take up the study both Verbal and Non-Verbal
    • Secondly, the question papers from previous examinations are also provided to give a fair idea to the students
    • Moreover, there are so many other questions given for practice purpose
    SSC CGL Books – Tier II 2018 Exam
    SSC CGL books for Statistics:
    • SSC CGL Tier II Exam Statistics paper by R Gupta
    • SSC CGL Tier II Statistics Practice workbook by Kiran Publication
    SSC CGL Books for Finance and Economics:
    • Law point’s Competitive Solutions General Studies (Finance and Economics) with Notes and MCQs for SSC Combined Graduate Level Exam
    • 11th 12th Economics NCERT books
    • Economy section of newspapers
    SSC CGL Books – Tier III 2018 Exam
    SSC CGL Books for Essay, Precis and Letter Writing:
    • Newspapers – The Hindu, Indian Express, The Mint etc
    • “Descriptive English” by S.P. BAKSHI
    • “151 Essays” by S.C Gupta
    • “Handbook for letter writing” by S.C. Gupta